Monday, March 24, 2008

Alkisah...Part I


Here is a short story written a few years back...

Can I Trust You With My Heart?

Please sit down,
and look my way.
There is something
I'd like to say.

We've both been friends,
that's very true,
but now I find
I'm falling for you.

It's scary to feel
the way I do.
I keep remembering
what my hearts been through.

I’ve loved someone once,

I gave him all my heart,

Guess I’m not good enough,

And it caused me a broken heart.

Would you break it
if I gave it to you?
Or would you mend it,
and make it new?

Would you love me,
and hold me tight?
Reassuring me
it'll be alright.

Would you Love me forever?
Or just for awhile.
Would my love be trusted?
Or put on trial.

Would you be true,
loving only me?
Or would I be one
of two or three.

I've got to know
right from the start.
Can I trust you
with my heart?

I have a friend. A very good friend and I loved her so much. Her name was Zera. We went to the same school in we were kids. When we were kids of nine years old, she was a tomboy. She was punched in the stomach once by a boy who sat beside her. But when we went up to Standard 4, she said she liked him. Poor Zera, the guy moved out and she was a little sad about it. But it was nothing, she told me. She just liked him because he became such a great friend. Huh? Whatever…so,when we were in Standard 4, Zera was becoming more dedicated in her studies. Mind you....we were not a clever bunch of kids. Zera and I never got 1st place in class. We were always the average…maybe 8,10,7 and 5. But in Standard 4’s final exams, she got 2nd place in her class. I was a little surprised but it was good because she was very happy. I know how she must’ve felt, having an older sister who always got 1st place in class and Zera was not like her older sister. We always hang out with friends who were continuously happy throughout the year, not caring to study hard though their studies were not something they could be proud of.

However, we had our fun times together; marching down the river and creating noises louder than the monkeys, went fishing at the abandoned pond and rivers, climbing trees and eating fruits…ahh…what a fun times they were. During childhood times, I could still vividly remember how I used to play ‘masak-masak’ and ‘rounders’ with the rest of the gang. We always come by to Zera’s because she had 2 younger sisters and 2 younger brothers who always joined us. She loved playing but she hated sports. That’s what she always told me. But she did play netball and ‘bola baling’ when we were in Standard 6. and…as far as I remember, that’s the only game she knew. But she loved playing hide and seek! Imagine a 12 years old playing hide and seek with kids younger than her! J our last years in primary school was ok. Zera was elected Head Girl and she sure was feisty!

Anyway, the tomboy Zera has changed a lot when we were in secondary school. She never involved in lovey dovey things before (although she had lots of male friends) and it scared/shocked her when there was a boy who liked her when we were in Form 1. The boy was cute but I don’t think Zera was ready to have a boyfriend at a tender age of 13. She just wanted to be friends with the boy, Zul….but Zul felt rejected and they never spoke to each other even when they were in the same class. This mute relationship goes on until they were 15. Anyway, Zera was good to her words. When she said she just wanna have friends, then friends it is. She made a record of her life when she got the 1st place in class and the 2nd place in our form during Form 1. and of course, that was the first and the last time she got that great place.hihi…the other classmates went up to improve themselves. Well, as a girl herself, we did talk about which boy we liked and disliked. Zera used to like Zul actually,but she just didn’t want to be serious at such young age. She also liked boys with ‘bad boy image’(but the macho and cute one,of course). One of her favorite and remains today is Jiji. Well, I gotta admit that he’s cute, alright…

I used to teased Zera the way she stared at Jiji at school. Jiji wears some kind of black and silver bracelet and a necklace made of….heck,I dunno. And he dyed his hair brown once, I remembered. And he’s cute with spiky hair, ‘soldier’ hair and even a bad-hair-day hair ( does that makes any sense?)anyway, Zera loved to stare at him. They never spoke face to face(haha!) but always engaged in telephone conversation. It irritated me to not being able to call her sometimes. Oh, during Form 1, there was a new boy in our class. He was a local boy that was offered to study in a boarding school but he moved back home. So, he went to our school and expectedly ended up in our class. His name was Zam. He was okay to me but Zera was a little uneasy when he first moved in. It was quite understandable because there was a rumour when we were in Standard 6 that Zera liked him.

Zam did not went to the same primary school,actually. But I guess, few people know about it so finally Zera was okay. She did tell me that Zam was kind of cute too. But then, Zera liked many boys in our school especially Dayat, from 1BA. He’s a mighty handsome boy in our batch and undoubtedly has many girls’ admirers including me. But I ain’t gonna let my feelings show, cos I loved seeing his face and his actions in field(he played football), but I don’t think I’m in love with him. It's just a crush...or infatuations... Well, I guess Zera felt the same way like I do. She seems to brightened up whenever she saw him but she said nothing. We knew that these feelings are just temporary (it’s not like we’ll want to be serious).

To be continued....