Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Alkisah...Part II


sambungan dari Part I>>>

Moving on to Form 2, Zera started befriending Zaim from 2BA.BA and Elite were like enemies,actually. We were very very competitive but unfortunately BA had more handsome boys than our class..haha…I don’t know how serious Zera and Zaim were, but Zera insisted that they were friends. The most unforgettable event was on 18th Aug 1999 (Zera’s birthday). Zera got a present from Zaim and the present disappeared before she even opened it. She mistakably accused Zack and they got in a nasty battle when Zack shouted at her menacingly that he didn’t take the present. Zera knew later that Zack didn’t take it after it appeared the day after that incident. Zera also knew later that the gift was taken by a group of ‘asrama’ girls of her class. They were curious about Zaim because Zaim was considered a ‘skema’ boy. Anyhow, Zera remains friends with Zaim, Zack and the girls.

From what I observed, during Form 2 was the time when Zera started to have penpals. Like Abg Man, Abg Epol and Umi...I think it was good for her to make friends outside our circles of friends. This period was also the time when I think Zera hated school’s rules. She hated wearing a badge and always has a spare in her bag to put on during spot check. Funny…Zam also didn’t wear school badge. There was a time when both of them were caught not wearing school badges. Oh, Zera and Zul also become less cold to each other at this time. I caught Zera smiling at Zul once.

Form 3 is the most straining year because we had PMR exams coming up at the end of the year. I recalled seeing Zera studied a lot at home. When I teased her, she just shrugged and said that she wanted to get out of our little town. To see new things and to experience new surroundings. At this time, the top students of our class were Zack, Zam and some of the ‘asrama’ girls. They were excellent in Maths and I pitied Zera for her lack of interest in Math subjects. She disliked the subject. Well, she disliked Maths since primary school. Fortunately, she sat behind Zam and in front Zack. So they helped her a lot. Mostly, she got help from Zack because she was a little shy with Zam.

As I told you earlier, Zera and I were bestfriends. She told me that she noticed that Zam liked her. I told her she was being silly and must’ve imagined it…(I even teased and called her “Perasan”) . but she insisted. So, I asked her whether she liked Zam or not. And…I dunno…I felt that she was a little confused. At that time, the closest she ever been with a boy is with Zam….and Zack. She said she liked both of them. Heh, clever Zera…Picked brainy boys than handsome ones. But hey…both of them were okay…even though Zera told me she liked Zam, but there is no unmistakable joy on her face when she’s with Zack. So…the friendship went on for years…Zam showed that he really liked Zera but Zack was not that kind of person. Zera did told me that Zack liked her friend(our other friend), Liza. Poor Zera….she knew Zack liked someone else but still…Zera helped Zack to get Liza.

Whenever there was a misunderstanding, she told them things to keep them together. We were all good friends. No matter how we liked someone, we never actually told him or her that. So, basically….during our years in Form 3, there were just friends, good friends, best friends and no couple. Except for one. Remember Zul? Yeah…that guy who liked Zera when Zera was in Form 1. They were friends during late 1999 and Zera even beginning to feel ‘love’ for this guy. So, Zera told one of her bestfriends, Zora. And unfortunately, Zora kind of snatched this guy from Zera. Imagine how she felt. I remembered how she almost cried when she called Zul but the lines were busy with Zora’s. And I knew from that moment Zera will never confide in her girlfriends about guys she liked. But hey….Zera still remain friends with Zora. Good friends actually. They even had a fight when they finished school. Friends quarreled sometimes...and their fight wasn’t permanent.

So…when PMR was around the corner, Zera and her friends; Liza and Zaza always went on a study group with Zack. I could see how annoyed Zera was to see how Liza went all girlie-girlie when Zack’s around. Liza said she didn’t like Zack but seems to me, she still made something for Zack to notice her…Ahh,I never understand girls (that are really girls..all sweet and soft kind of girl)Our PMR results were ok,especially for Zam. He got straight 8As and was offered to MCKK and Zera was really happy and sad about PMR results. Zera got 7A sand 1B but she didn’t get to go anywhere. Zack got only 6As but he got offered to MRSM. Guess his Maths and Science were excellent….no doubt.

To be continued...