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Alkisah Part III


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So as for Form 4, life goes on. Zera was dispirited because she didn't get to go anywhere. We went into 4 Science, which means we have to study Additional Mathematics. Imagine what Zera has to go through! haha. I know Zera can do Maths because no matter how she hated Maths while in Form 3, she got A in that subject. She's just didn't find the subject as interesting as English. Oh, I forgot to mention, Zera is a fanatic of English class. She loves it so much. Anyway, during Form 4, many of the gang that got offered to famous schools returned to the beloved SERASHAZ. They were Zack, Zamie and Zazri. Zazri returned from a science school in Teluk Anson. At this point, I noticed Zera's spirit to lift up. She was discouraged at first months of Form 4 as she didn't get to go anywhere, but she was really glad Zack and Zamie went back. Zamie got elected as the class' rep and
Zera as his assistant. They even sit close to each other in class. Well, Form 4 was the most important period of Zera's love life, where she made the decision of whom she really likes. During this year, Zamie started to show his feelings towards Zera. I noticed it because I always saw him looking at Zera with that look in his eyes.that look?is that the word? I don't know how to describe that look. The look he gave her was a look I think every girl would love. You know the look from a guy that brings a tingling sensation which means you are being admired. Heehee.

However, Zera always denied it when I told her about it. I know she noticed it too because I caught her looking back at Zamie when he stared at her. Then, she told me she was uncomfortable with Zamie staring at her. She never had that kind of attention from a guy before, and it both excite and made her uneasy. Yes, she smiled back at Zamie once. She was excited because at least someone finds her attractive and willing to show it. But it made her uneasy because she was not sure about her feelings towards Zamie. She told me she likes Zamie for a gentleman and a romantic person he is. She sure loves that quality in a man. Well, as for our definition of a gentleman and romantic person is a man who does not afraid to show his affection towards a woman and willing to do anything to keep her safe, happy and loved. It's just as simple as that. Zamie can be said a gentleman but unfortunately, Zera wasn't sure about her feelings. She told me she liked Zack too. Zack was
funny and there is a certain quality in him that attracted Zera. Zera also didn't know what but she found herself falling for Zack everytime she looked, talked and quarrelled with Zack. The most precious memory that Zera
told me is that Zack looked so adorable when he slept. That is when I know, Zera has fallen in love with Zack. She looked so vulnerable and so in love.

When I analyze all the things that happened during my years as a good friend of Zera, I found that Zera has liked Zack since Form 3. It was when they studied together and sitting in front of Zack that this love started to bloom. They also had many stupid fights that I think were very sweet. It's
kind of love-hate relationship that tied her more tightly to Zack.But I guess, Zera loved Zamie too.just the same. Zamie was a very caring person. During Form 3, Zamie always supplied Zera with sweets and oranges. I didn't remember why. And Zamie talks softly to Zera (No wonder friends gossiped them). The point is, Zamie was a remarkable choice for a steady boyfriend. But Zera was just too blind to see that. It was one of her fault actually. She loved to chase rather than being chased after. And then, it's not when you lose someone that you'll truly appreciate him. And when that time comes, all these things were just too late.

Anyway, back to that year--- That is why when Zamie told her hints that Zamie liked someone (and she knows she is the girl), she told him not to tell her. Because Zera couldn't find it in her heart to tell Zamie that she liked Zack. And Zera was afraid she might not talk to Zamie again if he confesses. Of course, she would feel uncomfortable to be around him if she has rejected him. I would feel like that too. She didn't want what happened between her and Zul happen again. Although Zera liked Zack more than she liked Zamie, she didn't want to lose Zamie as a good friend. He was her best friend. WAS..

At the end of form 4, when the school was chaotic with final examination, Zack and Zera got very close. But, I think almost every classmate knows about Zamie feelings towards Zera. And so was Zack. One evening, on 26 Sept 2001, Zera was talking on phone with Zack. Well, that's what they always do. Then Zack asked Zera about Zamie. I don't really remember but at that time, during that telephone conversation, Zack told her that he really
really liked Zera. And that's just it. A love chapter between them started. However, Zera told me she was shocked that Zack told her his feelings. It was a bit early, considering they haven't taken SPM just yet. But Zera
welcome his love gladly.for she was afraid to lose him. Guilt splashed her soul, I Zamie didn't know this! Zack and Zera wanted to keep their relationship a secret because they didn't want any gossips as their
parents were teachers in that school. That's how it went on until they're in Form 5.

to be continued....again...



Anonymous said...

kepada zera,
aku rasa aku mcm kenal la ko sape?? coz aku ex-student kelas 4 sains kat shahriman tu juga....anyw can't wait to read the next chapters...

Ryehanna said...

uiks? siapakah? huahuahua...
aku merepek2 ni pon ade orang bace ek...nanti2 aku letak chapter seterusnye. tapi perlu diingatkan, ceritera ini ditulis bertahun, ending chapters nyer nnt ade yang xsame dah ngan skrg... wait n see ya

Azraie and The Blog-blog Factory said...

haha, love always blooms for those who want to be loved...