Saturday, May 3, 2008

Home Sweet Home


Yess! I'm at my beloved home in Beruas, Perak now. So tired lah cos I arrived at 7 pm. My neck hurts from sleeping in discomfort during the journey home.


- Mak Tih is here to visit Opah cos Opah was sick.

- Mamito made 'kuey tiow hailam' yang marvellous giler!!! Sedap sangat2! Semua benda ade... ade sotong, udang, sayur... ketam pon ada! Hmmm.... sedap!

- Rase macam nak pergi jalan-jalan kat Cameron Highland jer time cuti ni...

- Oh, aku kesian kat Nini cos kena tinggal kat kolej as her exams isn't over yet. Cian... xde tempat nak melepak and cari gaduh dah. Haha...

- I'll be going back to Shah Alam on 17th May as the intersession course will start on 19th. Dreading to learn the Fluid Mechanics II [the killer paper!]...

- I need to go on a diet! Seriously... but I just can't resist good food!

- Oh boy, it's May already... someone will return back to Malaysia! [Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!]

- I'm tired... exhausted... hungry...[ but I've just finished a packet of Famous Amos cookies!...and I ate kuey tiow hailam 4 hours ago! ---err... Should I or Shouldn't I be hungry?? eheheh..]

- I think I'll just go check my emails and fs for a while before going to sleep.


p/s: I do feel hungry!