Friday, June 19, 2009

Restless night made me spontaneous


I’m currently at home in Beruas. This morning I wasn’t feeling well. Keep returning to the loo over and over. And I found out that Mr Chubby Cheeks also experienced the same thing. But we ate at the KFC last night! What could be the problem? hmmm…

I couldn’t sleep last night. Other than the stomachache (I posted on my Facebook that ‘perutku masuk angin’), there were so many things on my mind. So many faces. Lots of past dialogues that kept me awake. Then, there was one sms that stung. Haihh. He made me felt like a bad person. :(

Before that, I talked to Majinn. I do miss talking to him. So we talked and laughed about what I babbled about. Silly things which were unimportant. Biasalah aku. Itu jer lah time aku hepi sikit. Then bila dah lewat-lewat malam dan fikir macam-macam, mulalah takleh tido.

So this morning, when I finally woke up (for real), I washed my face and brushed my teeth. Then I changed clothes. I decided to go back home. Tetiba jer. I didn’t even bother to take a shower. heheh. Doesn’t matter la… Can shower at home what… :P

Went to the gas station near Giant. Refuel. Then I ride Mr. Chubby Cheek’s Nouvo with 110 km per hour. It felt great. The wind made me smile. The speed made me soar. Seems like all my troubles that kept me awake last night is gone. Well, maybe for a while… cos as I ride the bike, my thoughts were of them.

Am I a bad person?

Am I a loser?

Am I ugly?

Am I stupid?

I listened to songs in my mobile phone when I couldn’t sleep last night. Kononnya lullabies ler… But I cried when Bruce Springsteen’s Secret Garden was playing. That’s how I went on when Melee’s Built To Last and Celine Dion’s I Love You were playing too. But Jerry McGuire’s soundtrack tu la yang triggered waterworks from me. Haihhh…

I kept going at a slower rate of 100 km/h as I thought of him. And him. And him. Oh, and him too. Haha. So many guys eh? Well… they’re the guys of the past. Some of them anyway. :P

Then I think of my future. My plans. My friends. Hmmm…

I got honked four times on the road. I hate it when they do that. Was it so weird to see a female biker on the road? Benci. Bagi aku terkejut jer. >:(

Bertolak dari Manjung pukul 9.35 pagi. Sampai rumah di Beruas pukul 10.17 pagi. Ok gak la. Tak sampai sejam. Aku bawak slow time kat Pekan Ayer Tawar jer. Cos kalau naik motor kat situ mesti aku teringat tentang arwah Amir Faisal yang meninggal dunia di pekan Ayer Tawar tu sebab bawak laju. Terlanggar divider. Salah seorang lelaki yang pernah ada tempat di hati aku. Semoga rohnya sentiasa dicucuri rahmat.

Sampai-sampai umah, terus nampak Nini tercogok dekat hall. Muka serabai tak mandi lagi. Then she asked me to go to Amirul’s school to sign his report card. Urgh. No way. Aku pun dengan tak mandi lagi. Dahle muka rasa semacam cos bawak motor lelaju. Rasa macam ade sarang labah-labah kat muka. So, Nini kena jugakla pergi sekolah.

When she returned, she remarked ”Cikgu kat sekolah tu sempat lagi tanya aku hal Abah”. Hmmm… I just shrugged.

Hanis tak pergi sekolah. Aku suruh belikan air epal. Air epal twister tropicana takde, so dia beli air epal campur aloe vera dari Marigold. Layan jer lah. Tapi aku tetap rasa air epalnyer tak sesedap air epal twister tu. The other day I bought epal juice by Sunkist ke ape… Too sweet. Still, takleh lawan epal Tropicana. Huhu. Kempunan aku pagi ni.




Renzo said...

huhu, emo owh.

memory of the past will always be with us no mater you want to forget it or not.

nak juice epol jg, haus baca ni, panas giler tgh hr ni huhu.

Ryehanna said...

ermmm... mmg sedikit emo today. huhuh