Monday, June 1, 2009

Stinky and messy


I needed to measure the valves again. What a boring task. I had to do this over and over as there were hundreds of valves for me to measure and record. Errr.. had something to do with the disposal of old valves and replacing them with new ones... I think. :P

I hate to do this as the valves were covered with rust and other debris. Plus, they were damn heavy! Not to mention the heat outside! It was so hot that I was covered in sweat till my 'tudung' was plastered to my face and neck. Sheeesh...

I looked at one big valve. He seemed to be staring at me. Daring me to move him for he was big and sturdy. Must be real heavy from the look of his bod. Darn.

I squatted near him. Sizing him up. Hmm... a 6 inches angle globe valve. I tried to move him to get a better view of his front. So that I can take a picture. There I was, sweating and swearing while moving him. That was one heavy s.o.a.b. Arghh.

Suddenly there's a voice behind me, "Hey, you okay?".
I turned and saw that eyes. Sepet. Huh. When did he came in here?
I just shrugged and said I'm okay even the truth was I'm not really okay. The heat was killing me. Ugh.

"Do you know where can I get a spray can?" I asked him. I needed it to mark the valves that I have measured and recorded.
"Just go to the office... ask for one" he replied.

Hmmm... I narrowed my eyes and stared at him. Huh. Couldn't you please get it for me? I'm trapped between all these valves. Okay, that was all in my head. Of course I didn't really ask him that. But how I wish he can read minds. Erm. Okay.. Maybe not.

Then, he flashed his smile and Mr-I-no-longer-have-swollen-face walked away. Haih. I think I like him better when he's sick.

Then I realized how awful I must've looked. Sweating like a...a... erm. I even have beads of perspiration on my cheeks. Nose. Chin. Oh and of course, I also have sweats dripping under my brows! And I'm sure my back is damped with sweats too. Such a mess.

Now I'm cooling my body in the air-conditioned office. What a relief.

Hmm.. I finished 28 valves in 2-3 hours but it seems like it took forever. Too bad the Bangladeshi guy who has been helping me before is no longer working here. Huhu... I'm gonna miss him.

I'm tired. I want to sleep. If only there's a mattress in the office.

p/s: my grammar sucks, i know. couldn't be bothered to correct them.



chokilala said...

hahaha.. jangan2 ko ada skandal dgn abangla tu kot. sampai rindu dia. abes la bf ko. kena cantas dgn bangla. hoho

Ryehanna said...

heh! mane ader la.. ko jgn buat gosip bukan2... huhuhu

Cybernetics Mind said...

If only there's a mattress in the officeemmm...kalo ada, kan best sukat2 valve tu sambil baring2 atas tilam....siap dgn air-cond yg sepoi2 bahasa gitu...sambil2 minum air epel twister =)

Anonymous said...

perghhh..mat bangla tu gune ayat pe?powernye...tlg cr die..i nk blaja..hak3...abes la encik tapa;p


mecHANISm said...

huh...jap jap aku nak bayangkan...uhh sedapnye duduk dlm aircond kan kan kan...

ezany said...

erk.. rindu mat bangla ker.. hehe..

shamimi said...

Kamu nya grammar okay jew la.
Btw nice blog.

Ryehanna said...

To Cybernetics Mind: Hahaha.. tau xpe.. mmg best gile ah kalo dpt aircond time panas terik. dpt air epal.. aiii... nikmat gile..

To Brad: Mane der ayat la.. saya pn xfaham dia ckp ape kekadang.. tp dia nk tolong.. sanggup tlg time org len xmo tolong

To Mechanism: Eh.. ko dok dlm aircond ke?? huh! hampeh

To Ezany: Rindu la jugak ckit2... :P

To Shamimi: Yeke.. rase mcm berterabur je past tense ngan present tense. lame x menulis dlm omputeh. huhu

btw, selamat dtg ke blog ni! :D