Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dari rasa depressed ntah ape2, baik fikir nak release tension.

To me, release tension = SHOPPING. hahahaha...

So nak jot down sikit ape yang nak dibeli, dah dibeli, dalam dilema utk beli ke x

1. Nuna Leaf - DONE

Aku beli warna Cinder. Tak buka dari kotak pun lagi. I is excited! hehehe

2. New stroller (Zapp Xtra 2.0 Purple Pace) - March 2014

3. Carseat (Maxi Cosi Pebble!) - March 2014

Untuk stroller memang aku STILL akan beli Quinny jugak. Love it. And Purple Pace tu cun jugak. Aku usya masa expo aritu warna dia memang cantik. So I'm going to have that.

And I want to buy Maxi Cosi Pebble this time around. Yeah, it's pricier than Cabriofix tapi lebih cantik and empuk actually. Aku anggap jela duit bonus abis ke sini. Lantak la. Asalkan puas hati. Lagipun dah ada buyer utk my old Zapp Xtra yang xleh fold tu. An old friend nak beli. So aku bagi free carseat lama Razin tu. So rumah dah clear sikit hehe... takde rasa guilty sangat.

However, masih too early to buy these things. Bulan 3 tahun depan la baru beli. Nak guna duit untuk benda lain dulu.

4. Baju-bajan.

Firasat aku ni macam kuat kata nak dapat baby boy lagi. So takdela excited beno nak shopping baju baby HAHA. Rilek2 sudeh. Bulan 3 jgk la baru nak beli. Kali ni nak kurangkan beli rompers. Pengalaman mengajarku. hehehe...

5. Receiving blankets

Ohhh seronok shopping barang baby yang macam ni. Nak tempah custom made guna fabric comel-comel.

6. Breastpump.

Still contemplating! Tak tau nak beli ke idak.

Takleh nak pikir ape lagi nak dibeli.... Bersambung.....

Written By Ryehana
Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Been meaning to blog but I just couldn't find the time. Alhamdulillah finally mlm ni dapat jugak menulis sikit...

I had a breakdown today. I don't remember when was the last time I cried because of stress. I felt suffocated. Felt as if the walls are closing in and I was trapped.

I was lonely. I miss my son eventho I have only slept one night without him last night. Left him in Beruas and I had to get back to Lumut for work. Asked Hanis and Afnan to accompany me for the night since hubby was away... But they left early in the morning... around 9am i think.

I was busy at first. Today is the pay day. People bought stuff, and people paid their monthly installment. I was so busy I have no time to cook.

I was hungry. My stomach then ached... Gastric. But I had lots of stuff to pack for deliveries. And I was waiting for one potential customer who was coming over to test baby carriers... I only managed to go out at 5pm for lunch. T_T

And before that, I had spent 30 minutes of crying because I was so angry when hubby told me he'll only be back next week. He was supposed to come home tomorrow! I was mad like hell.

This week is a busy week... just like how 'minggu gaji' always been for me. I need his support... but what can I do? He's away in Sabah because of work. And I'm alone cos Mamito does not want to stay at my place. She said "tak larat nak naik turun tangga" (cos I turned the bedroom downstairs into my office so there's no bed in that room). I was so sad I can't stopped crying for good 30 minutes. Mad at hubby... mom... myself....

I hate to leave Razin in Beruas. Cos I'll miss him sorely. But I simply cannot cope taking care of him alone during my BUSY WEEK.

Which was why I was depressed. I was sad.

I had no choice but to bring Razin with me tomorrow... I hope I won't shout so much. And I'm worried of what to eat. I have no appetite with my own cooking :(

I still have morning sickness eventho I'm no longer in my 1st trimester.

Darn it.

I don't feel so good. Writing back all these make my head aches.

Need to lie down... after all, it's 2am now. Adios.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Preparation for new baby?


Well... let's list them now! hehehe... tengah bosan-bosan teman Ajin tengok Upin Ipin ni, ape kata kita update blog le plak hehe...

1. New baby carrier(s)

I want to try new brand of baby carriers I haven't tried before. Any maybe try to find love in wrapping? Dulu pakai wrap kejap sangat cos only using Moby and God knows the material is not suitable for hot weather! Asyik berpeluh je... so maybe this time I'll try other wraps.. gypsy mama bali breeze or jumpsacbaby's midnight rainbow? I still have 1 wrap in stock that I kept for myself. hehe...

As for SSC, I've bought Manduca. I did not find love the first time I held it in my hand (which was around 2 weeks ago) because of its buckles... Lebih kurang macam Beco. Terlampau pentingkan safety kot? Kena guna dua tangan untuk unbuckle and I hate things like that. So aku bagi orang try and review dulu cos I don't have time for it yet. I didn't event carry Razin in it yet (malas... lagipun pregnant)

Oh well... hopefully in time, after getting used to it, I can find the soft spot. :)

I bought this one. It's up for rental sementara tunggu the new baby pops out. Hehe

2. New stroller(s)

Haha... perlu ke? Ntah le... tapi kalau ikutkan masa Razin dulu, time newborn memang stroller+carseat travel system ni sangat-sangat penting. We used Maxi Cosi carseat that we attached to Quinny stroller most of the time while we're out. 

I think I'm going to stick to that. Only that we're going to change our old Zapp Xtra to the new one that has folding seat. I love Quinny strollers. Especially the Zapp Xtra. It's more compact and sleek looking (to me) than Buzz or Moodd. Hmm I was never a fan of bulky and big strollers. I might admire the smoothness of big strollers (the Buzz and Moodd has great suspension system), but the bulkiness turns me off.

It's not like the strollers couldn't fit into our SUV, well of course it can... but... hmmm... not for me. I prefer to have strollers that do not take much space in our boot.

Fact is, I know for certain how long/frequent we're going to use the stroller. I'm a  babywearing mama, ok? hehehe... I prefer wearing my baby. So let's save our money on something else... :P

3. Carseat

Haaaa... ni dalam dilema. Sebenarnye, if we want to have travel system (to put carseat on stroller), kena la beli carseat yang kecik comel. Yang memang untuk newborn till 1 year je (manufacturer's recommendation smpai 1year or 13kg, tapi sebenarnya sampai beberapa bulan je kalau baby jenis chubby... macam Razin dulu, sampai 10 months je muat Maxi Cosi Cabriofix tu)

Razin punyer infant carseat masih ada lagi dalam stor. Maybe we'll use that? I don't know yet. Yela.. tu pun beli preloved. Macam kesian plak new baby pakai 'third hand' punyer huhu... Lagipun dulu I didn't know better. I wasn't a "businesswoman" ekekekeke... Oh well, we'll see.. kalau distributor buat sale, bole la beli baru.. aku menunggu je ni... :P

On the other hand, I'm planning to buy Maxi Cosi Opal for the new baby. Carseat ni memang best. Untuk newborn sampai budak dah besar... Harga je tak best. Dah lama aku mengidam nak beli... sejak Razin dulu lagi tapi sayang duit! haha...

Tengokla mana yang ada rezeki... dilema oiiii... kalaulah kayaaaaaa (berangan tak kena duit)

Maxi Cosi Opal

Quinny Zapp Xtra + Maxi Cosi Cabriofix

4. Breastpump?

Perlu ke? Yang lama (Spectra 3) ada lagi dalam stor tapi aku tak tau mana laki aku simpan haha... Ikutkan nafsu nak breastpump baru. TAPIIIIII... ape kejadahnye nak pump beria sangat kalau aku dok umah and boleh je direct feed baby kan? ekekekeke... gedik betul. Tapi aku nak jugak ajar dia isap dari botol macam Razin. Direct bole, botol pun bole. Senang ckit... which means, I still have to pump la kan... rindunye zaman pumping2 ni.

Semoga with new baby ni leh la lama sikit breastfeeding... since aku pun dah takde employer kan? =D

5. Baby cot

Hmm... rasa macam nak beli cos masa Razin dulu takde... tapi, macam tak berapa praktikal cos MESTI co-sleep jugak (senang nak bf malam-malam). But oh my God these are so cute! Teringin lah.

We'll see what hubby says about this. And tengok bajet gak le. kwang3... kalau teringin sangat beli jela murah-murah sudey. Takyah berangan nak Galipette punye yer... =P

Time Razin dulu ada tapi yang  plastic and senang buka tutup tu. Sampai sekarang ada lagi cot tu. Cuma biase le mak dia ni nafsu barang baby tu melampau2 sikit. huhu

6. Bouncer/swing/rocker

Okeh, masa Razin takde beli bouncer ape kejadah ni. Ramai kawan-kawan seangkatan beli Fisher Price Rocker dan sebagainya... tapi aku tak beli. 

Kenapa aku tak beli eh?? Hmmm... mahal (bagi aku) and sebab tak pakai? Ohhhh sebab Razin dah ada Jumperoo hehehe

But this time cam teringin la nak beli... 

Got my eyes on Nuna Leaf and Mamaroo Swing (oh and Baby Bjorn Babysitter too actually... tapi i dismiss it quickly). Selepas mengsurvey and membanding-banding, aku rasa aku akan beli Nuna Leaf jela kot.

Sebab yang tu ada distributor kat Malaysia. Ape2 masalah senang (aku memang prefer beli dari distributor dari import sendiri or join pre-order yang kena tunggu berbulan-bulan) cos kalau beli direct dari distributor, confirm la benda tu original...ade warranty bla bla... And suke Nuna Leaf ni sebab dia leh pakai sampai budak besar... Mamaroo tu takleh. kalau tengok video, rasanya sampai baby 6 bulan je kot muat. Ntah le... however, Nuna Leaf ni ade jugak kekurangan dia.. dia swing dalam seminit je... bukan berterusan. ahh but I don't care. I want. =p

Sesape nak order benda alah ni sila pm aku. Ade harga best untuk 1st pre-order ;)
Sila search kat Youtube kalau nak tengok Nuna Leaf in action. 

7. Baju-bajan

Hapah pun tak beli lagi cos tak tau gender. Lagipun aku ni bab baju-bajan takdela excited mana nak shopping hehe...

Lagi ape ek....

Hmmm  tetiba blank dah kepala otak aku.

Yang lain-lain seperti duit for aqiqah, baby names ade jugak prepare dah. Takmo la jadi macam Razin dulu. Lambat benor buat aqiqahnye.

And as for baby names, aku ada banyak nama untuk baby boy je hehe... utk girl takde idea langsung.

Tak sabar nak tunggu beberapa minggu lagi untuk tau jantina.

Till then. Adios

Written By Ryehana
Monday, November 4, 2013

Just a quick update untuk mencukupkan players kutu-kutu di group Mama Panda Store.

Sekarang ni ada 5 kekosongan lagi untuk kutu Babyzen Yoyo strollers.

Start bayar hujung bulan November ni. Habis bulan April tahun depan. Kekosongan tinggal untuk giliran bulan March and April sahaja.

Harga: RM1580 (dah masuk pos semenanjung)
Players: 6 orang = 6 bulan
Bulanan: RM250

Tapi bila giliran anda sampai untuk dapat barang, kena pay extra so jadi RM330 (sebab total RM1580 kan)

Let say anda pilih untuk giliran March, so bulan March nanti anda kena bayar RM330 dan barang terus dipos kepada anda. Then lepas tu sambung le bayar RM250 sebulan... :)

Ni jadual bayaran untuk lebih jelas:

Nov - RM250
Dec - RM250
Jan - RM250
Feb - RM250
March - RM330 (dpt brg)
April - RM250

Kutu Babyzen Yoyo ni tak termsk Boba Air baby carrier yer. Tapi ade diskaun kalau nak tambah ;)

Berminat?? Please pm me in Facebook or just contact here.

Anda kena ada FB akaun yang genuine dan aktif.

*Serious players only. I help you and you help me by paying the kutu in time :D*

p/s: Kutu Quinny Zapp Xtra 2.0 pun ada tapi tu mahal sikit monthly. RM300 sebulan selama 6 bln and masa turn dapat kena byr extra RM50 (so jadi RM350)

Written By Ryehana