Monday, August 13, 2012



Yup... feeling a bit uneasy with things.

I'm stressed with this nomad life. It's hard. I'm getting stressed out with deliveries, orders... and having to standby for goods to arrive.

My suppliers were puzzled with my delivery address. Sometimes in Johor, sometimes in Beruas, sometimes in Lumut. Well... what to do? That's my life story... at the moment, that is.

I'm tired of having to rush here and there... since some of my supplier will only deliver goods at the company address that I register with SSM. And that is my Lumut address. Some ok la nak hantar ke Beruas... tapi kalau barang besar, memang aku suh hantar ke Lumut since dekat dengan macam-macam courier company...

But now, when I have out of stocks item and nak restock, aku pening... nak suh pos alamat kat Perak or Johor terus? Pas raya balik Perak dulu.. then baru balik Johor. Kalau time orang nak barang and barang di Johor kan susah. Haih... dilema seorang peniaga online yang nomad. Kalau dok diam-diam satu tempat takde la aku sakit kepala camni.

Nak angkut barang tu satu hal.... agaknye elok la beli lori je kot pasni? huahuahua.. ok not funny.

Ohh I'm stressed. I'm stressed on a lot of things too. I miss my husband. I miss his presence, his help around the house etc.

I miss being in control.

Recently, I keep having questions in my head. What the hell am I doing?

Why am I putting up with all of this nonsense?

But I know the answer... I know what I want.

I have my target.

It's just that life is so tough now. I'm exhausted. I feel like I didn't have enough rest. And I hate the fact that I made a few mistakes recently.

I'm truly grateful for what Allah has given me.. syukur ya Allah, pemberi rezeki...

Aku harap aku boleh uruskan segalanya dengan baik. Rasa marah pada diri sendiri sebab banyak sangat kekurangan...

Oh God, give me strength...

Please forgive all my sins and show me the right way to Your path.

Written By Ryehana