Saturday, November 9, 2019

Bukan senang nak kurus...


Hello, blog!

Lama tak menulis.

My baby is now 7 months old and I have been trying to slim down for a month now. Starting when Razzan is 6, I started exercising for a bit. Mana yang dapat la... And I also try intermittent fasting for a couple of weeks (ha!)

Started from 86-87 kg, now I am at 82-83 kg ish.

It is so hard to control my food intake.

Being a sweet tooth, I couldn't even resist a piece of cheesecake lol

Not to mention that my schedule is so freaking busy and I found it really really hard to exercise.

Dahla kerja pun mengadap phone and PC je kan... what do u expect.

So I bought a gadget early last month to track my daily steps and my sleep.

Before this I have Garmin Vivosmart which I bought in 2016, but I gave it to Nini.

I upraded to Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch.

Been using it for a month now and I LOVE IT.

I bought another Fitbit for my husband, his was an Ionic.

And I also bought another watch for Razin (my 8 year old son), a Fitbit Ace 2. But it hasn't arrived yet. Was hoping to give it as a present if he won his swimming competition tomorrow. Hopefully he will! Insya Allah

Anyway, I bought it so he'll get off his butt more. Cos he's the kind of kid who doesn't mingle or play with anak2 jiran yang lain. Orang lain main kat luar, he prefers tengok tv je -____-"

(Beza dengan adik-adik dia si Raul & Raiq, pantang nampak kawan main basikal, kerja nak keluar main je)

Anyway, just jotting down on what I've been doing.

Tengokla kalau rajin will review on the watches soon.

Till then.

Written By Ryehana