Friday, February 6, 2015

Mood swings


15 weeks 5 days.

Scan tadi tak nampak sangat jantina. Tapi ramai ramal it's going to be a boy again.
- asyik melantak seafood.

Anyway, still haven't felt any movement yet.

I'm huge. Weight: 83 kg. How crazy is that...

And to think my anak dara weight was just 63-64 kg ishhh. How in the world lah I'll ever get that weight back??

Now baru 15 weeks kot! Still has a few more months to go.... Ohhhh 

Cried buckets just now.

Very sensitive. Very hostile and cold towards the husband. Clingy with the baby of the house... Raul dah kena bawak balik Beruas when Mamito came to Lumut today. I miss him so much I actually cried.

Silly mother.

My body is huge and I have started to have back pain especially if I walk a lot. Damn am I really that old?


Moody me.