Thursday, April 13, 2017

Taking a beat


I've been real busy since the last week of March. Really focusing on my work; Mama Panda shop and its little upgrades (finally installed shelves to display carseats), tidying it up (getting rid of 2 years' accumulation of boxes!) and uploading stuff in our Shopee's shop.

Not to mention opening new slots and handling a new bunch of kutu groups.

And of course, juggling being a mother to 3 boys as well.

Gosh. Today I was exhausted and I forgot to pick up Razin from his preschool.

I went to the shop around 11am and I slept!

I don't know what time I slept last night... maybe around 2.30 am? Raul and Raiq were wrestling and didn't want to sleep eventhough it was 11 ish I think... then they wanted their rounds of milk (made em twice! 2 bottles each -_-) and I think they slept around 12.30-1am...

As for me, I was watching reruns of The Vampire Diaries on my phone. Installed iflix and there I was... watching the show again (I've watched it before in 2009-2010). I guess I needed some distraction from my work and the kids... and maybe because I'm so effing tired of cartoons. My God... the endless loop of Upin & Ipin on the TV was driving me crazy.

So padan la muka bangun lambat, hantar Razin lambat and tired at shop. But I needed it! haha... adoiyai... I need distraction to get my mind off things.

Anyway, I hope I can manage my time well after this.

There are several things that stresses me out now though:

1. My weight has gone back up to 78kg!! wtf.... so geram. But my fault jugak. I didn't go to the gym at all this week. And today is already Thursday! Last week pun tak pergi tapi at least aku naik cross trainer kat rumah jugak for 3,4 days in a row. But this week? Nada. Takde mood weh. Rase.... mmm rase takde mood sgt-sgt.

2. Baru format laptop (this is the 2nd time since I bought it) tapi masih berproblem nak connect wifi. Kalau boleh connect pun kejap je.. then mulala keluar Limited lah, No Internet lah. Heyyy bengang gile aku.... Now aku online guna cable LAN cucuk kat unifi punye router/modem watzisname. Bengang ler... nak download balik benda-benda yang aku selalu guna since dah takde bila format. Dahla touchpad laptop ni rosak dah. Sedihh... aku tengah pikir nak beli desktop tapi sayangnye duit. Huhuhu... nak beli refurbished je tapi takut jugak if tak ok. Nanti bazir duit. haihhh

3. Moneyyyy... hahaha... I want money to decorate Razin's room. Well, now dah ade temporary work station for me to do some work at home. Nice view etc. And I'm itching to install wallpapers to its bare walls. And maybe paint it? I was also hoping I could change the drapes in my bedroom, Razin's room and the other room. See? Merapu-rapu je kan, Ade je idea nak ngabih duit. Tapi takde fund pun lagi. T_T

Dengan nak raya lagi... duit tempah baju belum settle lagi ni. Aiyoooo

Oklah. That's all for now.

Written By Ryehana