Saturday, January 7, 2017



Been up since 4.30 am (again!) cos I needed to pee. And still can't sleep even though it's 5.23 am now.

Why?? Cos i'm in pain. Perut masuk angin. And tak jugak kentut-kentut or sendawa. My God, it's so painful I've been tossing and turning for the past minutes.

Kenapa masuk angin? Cos my shirt was up... cos i was breastfeeding.

It happened before... but i don't remember it being so painful like this one. Dah sapu krim herba tropika but didn't do much. :(

I can't lie down or I'll be moaning in pain.... so here i am sitting by the edge of the bed. Waiting... need to fart! Omg so hilarious but damn painful too I'm almost crying.

I can't wait to wean Raiq off breast feeding. I mean like really! I can't wait for July to come. Then I won't be so guilty to stop it.

I hate nights (morning?) like this.

No, I won't be missing it.

I'm just tired.