Monday, January 30, 2017



Was feeling upset a lot yesterday.

Even tonight, not feeling cheery at all.

But when I tried putting Raul to sleep, there's a feeling of calmness when watching him finally succumbed to sleep.

He's in the other bedroom.
Amirul is here and he sleeps with Razin in Razin's bedroom.

While si Bulat ni asyik keluar masuk bilik Razin a few hours ago, mengacau orang tidur...
Finally tidur jugak lepas minum susu and kena usap-usap paha.
I was having my dose of  The Vampire's Diaries shows in this room.

While hubby dah tidur ngan Raiq in the master bedroom.

Hmmm semua bedrooms kat tingkat atas are occupied tonight.


I hope this negative feelings will go away soon.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Written By Ryehana