Thursday, March 5, 2015



1. Pause and reflect. What have you done to your soul? Your life?

2. Count your blessings. Do not envy others. People envy you too, you know. Everyone has their own ups and downs.

3. Ask Allah for forgiveness. Ask Allah for some peace and quite. If you're lost, do not count on other people. People dissappoint, Ana. When will you learn? 

4. Nobody's perfect. You're not perfect. You have too many flaws... Why do you judge others? Yeah, sometimes you couldn't care less... But sometimes there are times when deep in your heart you judge how people live their lives. Don't! 

5. This life is too short. The next life is the eternal one. Remember that.

6. Love yourself. Love your children. Children loves their mother unconditionally. Always remember your children need you. Suck it up!

7. Money does not bring happiness. But money helps to lower the burden. Never ever stop making money. Always remember the how great it felt when you can help others. 

8. Busy yourself. Stop thinking about the past. Stop wasting time. Past cannot be undone. Live your life!

9. Patience. The main key when raising your kids. Remember your own childhood. Remember why you hated your father? Do you want your children to hate you?? Remember Ana, remember....

10. Nothing is about you anymore. You'll be 30 this year. What have you done to improve yourself? What if you die tomorrow? Will you be missed? Are you ready to meet your Maker? 

Think, Ana.


Life is short. Real short.