Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lessons learned.


Need to jot down these few things to remember later in future:

- We can all pretend this has never happened. But it did. And it left me bare... I felt as if I was left naked while you go on analysing, commenting etc. Terbuka segala aib-aib ku... My God, I had never been humiliated like that before. And you can ask me later, 'Are you ok?'. I honestly do not know what to feel.

- I leave it all to Allah. Let Him be the final Judge. If I were to be humiliated again or to be linked as the culprit for other things, aku redha.

- Sometimes it's better to leave it broken than hurting yourself putting it back together. Some things isn't worth mending. And some things, yes, you can try fixing it back... but it will never be the same again. It was broken... even if you patch it all up, there were scars and pieces missing (eventho you have no idea it was missing since it's too small). It's basically not the same.

- Last but not least, my apologies again. Yes, I was wrong. And thanks too for the experience. I learned a lot. Whatever you are, whatever your name is... layered cheesecake or tight gang, you have taught me a very valuable lesson. And for that, I THANK YOU.

So long...
Written By Ryehana