Monday, July 16, 2012

Marathon movies



Bestnye dok rumah Mak. Bestnye dok ngan adik-beradikku yang lain... Bestnye leh rehat-rehat sikit cos ramai orang nak tengok-tengokkan Razin, masak pun aku rileks sikit (huahua) and I found that I am more relaxed since yesterday. :)

Bagus jugak Nini masukkan HBO dalam pakej Astro kat Beruas ni. Best layan movies! Especially I haven't been watching my-kind-of-movies in Johor.

But I do miss Singapore's tv channels especially Okto! (ke Octo? xtau eja camne... but it's for kids)

Tonight, I watched Red Riding Hood lakonan Amanda Seyfried, Shiloh Fernandez etc. Best jugak citernya... Okla, lama tak tengok citer omputeh la katakan... And now, my sisters are watching The Rite while I'm online. The Rite tu aku dah tengok dah aritu... so xkisah sangat.

I miss watching True Blood, Pretty Little Liars and Vampire Diaries. Oh yes I do. I miss the old times... Nini ada download dalam lappy, tapi aku tak tengok-tengok lagi.

Aku jugak dah macam malas nak online these days. Ade insiden-insiden yang buatkan aku macam fobia nak online. huhuhu... But life has to go on. Nama lagi online business, tak online susah la sikit mau cari makan... Boleh tu boleh, lagipun Allah kan Maha Pemberi Rezeki... tapi susah jugak nak maintain after sale services kalau customers nak cari aku takde kan... Hmmm...

Ape-ape pun, tadi aku baru discover new handsome actor to drool on. hahahaha...

Shiloh Fernandez.... hensem gak le tapi muka cam jahat sikit. :p


Dok tweet2 tentang how handsome he is.


Still, takleh lawan my biggest, bigger crush:

Channing Tatum!

Love his voice too. ;)

Bagi aku, dia takdela hensem mana pun, tapi sangat-sangat talented.
He can dance and very natural in his acting.
I'm always attached with his character he played in movies. 

Another one,

Ian Somerhalder a.k.a Damon Salvatore.

 (i follow his twitter!)

Fell in love with his looks and character in Vampire Diaries.

Oh yes, I favor Damon than Stefan.

So handsome! uhuhuhu....

And I think I've blogged before on how I cried when Damon told Elena he loved her.
And then he made her forget he told her that.
Touching gile babi.

Ok, malam ni merempan tentang handsome actors.

Better la dari merempan about things that could make my heart aches kan?

Written By Ryehana


ღ cik faye ღ said...

my favorite in this list is Channing Tatum hahaha...

Ryehanna said...

hahaa... same la kita :D

jatuh cintan tgk dia berlakon dlm Step Up, She's the man, and byk la lg

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