Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Listen to the song


This is my blog's song.

Named it after this song... Remember When by Alan Jackson.

It's so sweet, isn't it? *bats eyelashes*


Aku baru tau lagu yang selama ni aku dengar and download bukan dinyanyikan oleh Mr Jackson.
I don't know who sung the song before but I prefer the John Doe much much better.
His voice was softer, younger (not 'scratchy' like Mr Jackson tqvm) and oh... it touched my heart from the first moment I listened to it.

But who on earth was it?

Aku download zaman dulu kala from Bearshare.
Don't know whether I still have the song somewhere... definitely not in this laptop since it's hubby's.

Mine were passed to Hanis and then I don't know what happened to my dear ole lappy since Hanis now has new Asus laptop.

Oh the song...
I remember vividly the voice of the singer...

I just don't know who!

Bugs the hell out of me. Sheeesh.

Written By Ryehana