Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Johorean soon


Finally my husband managed to find a house for us to rent in Johor. It's partly furnish, with basic necessities like a washing machine, double bed and a refrigerator. Not sure whether it also has a tv... but then, it's never a necessity to have a tv. As long as I have my laptop and my internet access, I'm content wherever I am. :p

Hubby is coming home next weekend. He took one week leave from work to sort out things for our move.

I currently have 3 tenants that are renting the rooms upstairs. But one of them wanted to rent the bedroom downstairs near the kitchen. I told her to wait since I haven't got time to tidy things up. That bedroom is my office... so the room is somewhat messy with all my stuff for sale... Boxes of Munchkin's and Tommee Tippee's products are stacked up against the wall and I have no intention to remove them until I leave for Johor.

I need at least another 2 tenants so that we could have some good back up financially. 3 tenants only means RM600/month. Mmm that doesn't even cover the cost hubby pays for the house loan. He paid almost RM1000 a month for the house, so we need to get at least that amount to cover our expenses. Since we now have to rent a house in Johor, there goes another RM550/month!

Some people say, "Tak sayang ke sewakan rumah yang complete semua ada? Tak risau barang-barang rosak etc?"

Well... we've thought it through and think it's best to rent it. At least the house has people living in it. I don't want it to be unoccupied for a long time... I never left the house more than 44 days, so renting it seems like a good thing to do. Plus, we could always use some money! hehe...

I got lots of things to pack... Mostly stuff for my bizz... There are boxes and boxes. I'll wait for hubby to come back since I'm so freaking lazy to pack! Then we're going to send the boxes via post. We are not renting a lorry whatsoever for the move. So, it's best to let the courier company do their job. Cheaper too! eheheh...

Razin's birthday is coming up soon.

11th March.

God, it is almost a year already! Where did the time goes?

We're going to make some 'makan-makan' on the 10th March. Just neighbours, close friends and family gathering, nothing much.

On the next day (11th March) we're going to start our journey to Johor since hubby's working on Monday.

A new experience for me.

I'm looking forward for this new chapters in my life.

That's all for now.




elanie*Q said...

ye,bab packing adalah sgt membosankan n masa tu la tahap kemalasan sgt tinggi. Lucky me,masa nk pindah j0h0r dlu tgh pregnant.hubby xbg kemas,dia kemas m0stly everything.hehe..

Siti Syuhada said...

wahh...congrats dear..!welcome to johor..such a boring state and jb is definitely a boring city..hhahaa...but still, i've been here for almost 3 years then + being a fulltime housewife summore..!
Gosh, i miss perak sooo much..!!

Ryehanna said...

To Elanie*Q: Untung la!! hahaha... i xpregnant tp still malas nk pack. hehe..

To Siti Syuhada: yerr.. thanks! haha... pindah jela kan... tempat isteri kan di samping suami...ecececehhh :p