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How to conceive a girl


Amaran: Bacaan orang dah kahwin sahaja.

Semalam, aku takleh tido... so aku google la camne nak dapat baby girl. Yela.. nama lagi tengah TTC kan (Trying To Conceive),  so saje la gatal google cara-cara nak dapat baby girl lak pasni. Takde kerja kan... HAHA...

Frankly, I don't really mind if I get another boy, as long as preggy! hehe... tapi kalau Allah nak bagi perempuan, best jugak sebab belum ada =)

Alhamdulillah my cycle is very regular. Kalau tengok menstrual calendar punyer apps kat phone yang aku installed, if it says I'll have my period on the 7th June, memang 7th June aku bendera merah. So, leh la try-try tips online ni kan... hehe...

Ni aku copy paste Shettles Method yang sangat famous kalau nak dapat baby girl. Ade lagi satu method iaitu O+12... tapi aku rasa better try Shettles Method dulu (cos O+12 punyer method tu bertentang dengan Shettles')

How to Conceive a Girl

Determining the Time of Ovulation:

Determining when you ovulate is vital when you are learning how to conceive a girl. Shettles recommends that you have sex 2 1/2 to 3 days BEFORE ovulation in order to increase your chances of conceiving a girl. Having sex closer to ovulation will dramatically decrease your chances of conceiving a girl. The timing of intercourse in relation to ovulation is a vital factor in increasing your chances of having a girl.
Shettles suggests three specific ways in which to do this.

1) Charting Cervical Mucus

Dr Shettes goes into full detail on how to chart your cervical mucus in Part Three of his book, How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby. You can download a blank CM chart in two different formats: PDF or Excel Spreadsheet.

With this method of determining when you ovulate, you access your cervical mucus on a daily basis. Right before you ovulate, your cervical mucus should be very watery and very elastic. It’s consistency should be that of raw egg white. Charting for more than a month before you attempt to conceive a girl is recommended so you can be CERTAIN that you are ovulating on a specific day.


2) Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Charting

Shettles also suggests that you use BBT charting a long with charting your cervical mucus in order to gain as much information in order to pinpoint when exactly you are ovulating. He goes into full detail on how to accurately chart your BBT in Part Three of his book. You can download a blank BBT chart in two different formats: PDF or Excel Spreadsheet. This chart also includes an area to record your Cervical Mucus assessments.
In order to chart your basal body temperature ( BBT ) you will need to purchase a basal thermometer. Before you get up each morning, you will take your temperature before you do ANYTHING. Any activity can lead to innacurate temperature readings. At the time of ovulation, you will see a spike in your temperature which will indicate that you have already ovulated. Considering that you need to have sex 2 to 3 days away from ovulation in order to increase your chances of having a girl, you will need to chart at least two months before you can make good use of the information that your charting reveals.


3) Using Ovulation Predictor Kits

The final way Shettles recommends for finding out the exact time you are ovulating is by using ovulation predictor kits. These kits detect when your body has released LH (Luteinizing Hormone), a precursor to ovulation. Dr. Shettles suggests testing twice a day in to make sure you catch the surge as early as possible. He recommends testing once between 11am and 3 pm and then again between 5pm and 10pm. When all factors are considered, ovulation will most likely occur about 24 hours after the time when you get a positive result for the lh surge on your ovulation predictor kit. Dr. Shettles offers indepth explanations on how to interpret the ovulation predictor kits in his book so be sure to read all the information he provides.
Store bought ovulation predictor kits can cost quite a bit, but we offer them here at for a very reasonable price. You can read the product specification of our ovulation predictor kits on our product desription page.


Frequency and Timing of Intercourse: (ni je yang aku bace)

Shettles says in order to increase the chances of having a girl, you should have sex everyday from the end of your period up to 2 1/2 to 3 days before ovulation. After this point, do not have unprotected sex until several days past ovulation.
Intercourse further away from ovulation favors the larger slower moving X (girl) sperm. The weaker Y (boy) sperm will die more quickly in the more acidic preovulatory vaginal / cervical secretions and by the time of ovulation there will be a much larger concentration of X (girl) sperm available to fertilize the egg.

Sexual Position:

Shettles suggests that if you are trying to conceive a girl, shallow penetration from your partner, preferably with the missionary position, will deposit the sperm closer to the entrance to the vagina. This area is more acidic than closer to the cervix and acidity will work against the weaker “boy” sperm leaving more “girl” sperm available to fertilize your egg.

Sex and Orgasms:

When trying to conceive a girl, Shettles recommends that you don’t orgasm during sex as the body produces substances after orgasm that makes the vaginal environment more alkaline, which favors the “boy” sperm.
The contractions which accompany an orgasm help move the sperm up and into the cervix, giving the “boy” sperm an extra chance at being available when your egg is available for fertilization.

Tu jer...

Kita boleh berusaha, tapi segala rezeki dan ketentuan semuanya Allah yang bagi. Maka, jangan lupa berdoa kepadaNya.

Jom kawan-kawan yang TTC, kita try... nak dapat baby boy? Leh try bace SINI.


p/s: aku ade banyak review tak tulis lagi ni... bleh plak copy paste article ni. huhu

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