Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My water moments


Yeah... Just married for one week and a half, but here I am, writing an entry to win a Nuffnang contest.

But the prize is what I really really want!


And a SONY camera some more...

Tell you what, I have been eyeing this camera for quite some time.

Pity don't have enough money to buy one for me :(

It's in the top of my wish-list!


Of course, being a blogger, a camera is a necessity. Your blog entry would be more interesting with captured moments that you can share with your readers... plus, cam-whoring is a must in bored times!

Which is just why I wish I have a waterproof camera so that I can share with you the beautiful view of underwater world went I went snorkeling in Pulau Redang the last few months.

Pulau Redang has beautiful corals!!! The island is famous for the beautiful blue sea and its unpolluted underwater treasures (the corals). Too bad I don't have a waterproof camera to snap pictures underwater and share in my blog....

Dear readers, these are the pictures that I can share...

One of our snorkeling sites in Pulau Redang

Getting ready to snorkel and enjoy great view underwater...
I look like some kind of weird bird wearing the snorkel, aite? :P

Hungry fishes!!
So many of them came surfacing to eat biscuits that we threw away into the sea!

yeah yeah... you cannot really see the fishes very well since I only used my mobile phone to capture pictures... :(

This is me snorkeling!
Can you see the school of fishes surrounding me?
(blame my phone camera if you can't)
My friend threw in some biscuits and the fishes swarmed over.
They didn't even care I was in their way... :)

It's a great experience!

Ohh... how I wish I have the new waterproof SONY TX5 camera!

How I wish I can share with you the beautiful view of Pulau Redang's remarkable corals and underwater world!

Of course, that's what a waterproof camera is for, right? To capture beautiful underwater moments.

Plus, this waterproof camera is my dream gadget!

Awesome, right?

I want one!!
Don't care what color I get as long as it's free!!!!

It is not only waterproof and slim with sleek designs, but also shock-proof, temperature-proof and dust-proof too.

The Sony TX5 Cybershot camera is also equipped with fabulous functions like iSweep Panorama, Handheld Twilight and anti-motion blur. It's a must-have to a blogger like me!! huhu... (click here for more info of the camera)

I'm planning to go to a beautiful island for my 2nd honeymoon later (of course la since 1st honeymoon just 3 days and 2 nights... not enuff! HAHA)... I really hope I can win the camera so I can capture underwater pictures and upload them in my blog! heehee...

My navy husband is going to teach me how to swim... wouldn't it be incredibly sweet if there are funny pictures of me captured while learning to swim with my uncoordinated limbs?? haha...

Oh Nuffnang,

This is my first time entering your contest. I want the camera!! >__<



syahirul said...

ada can nak menang ni :P hehehee

deena awanis said...

good luck!!!nak menang jugak..tapi xde idea laahhh..hhuhu

Pepejal said...

best tu.. bule bergambar ngan ikan? nak try gak la..