Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Boba 3G Review


Yeayeahhh... Another baby carrier for us! I know I've already have 2 Ergos, but another one wouldn't hurt right? Plus, I'm letting go my purple Ergo so another brand of baby carrier is very much welcome to my humble home. hehehe...

Boba carriers come in 4 printed designs and 3 plain colors. I chose Lila cos the design is in purple color. Since the Ergo I'm letting go is Mystic Purple, so let Lila be the replacement! =)

Initially, I was about to choose Soho... but I end up with Lila instead.
They are all really cute designs! Pening nak pilih... hehe...

Cantik kan Lila ni...

I call her 'Laila Majnun'

I love trying on baby carriers so once I got my Boba last week, I put it on and oh... it was so comfortable!!

Since the body panel is longer than Ergo, it felt more 'secure' to do a back carry.

Yeah. I intentionally wore a purple blouse.
Matchy2 giteww.. haha
 Please excuse the blurry picture. Apparently my little photog seems to have Parkinson-like hands. Grrrr...

Gambar ni pun blur jugak.
But I love this pic despite the shaky pic cos Razin was looking at me and smiling widely.
He loves being carried! 
And it sure was comfortable to back carry a baby in Boba!

What really attracted me to have Boba 3G is its new features (an improvement from last version of Boba) that Ergobaby carriers do not have. Let's take a look on the features, shall we?

  • 100% Cotton
  • Front and back carry options
  • Removable sleeping hood
  • Adjustable sleeping hood, adjusting in length to fit growing babies
  • Zipper pouch may be used to store your hood when not in use
  • Comfortably fits heights 5’0” – 6’3”
  • Waistband range: 25” – 58”
  • Additional adjustments for easier fit & breastfeeding
  • Patent-pending removable foot straps
  • Elastic bands neatly roll up straps
  • Shoulder strap holders keep purses and diaper bags in place
  • Easily adjustable chest strap
  • Uniquely designed to “hug” your child
  • Converts to an infant carrier without an insert
  • Extra head support adjustments for infants
  • Body of carrier rises 2-3” higher than other brands
  • Multiple pockets for on-the-go storage
  • High quality military grade buckles

Yeah, I rate the features with how many ♥ symbols I put there. ♥ means the features is rarely seen in other brand of baby carriers =p

What I love the most was the fact that Boba 3G has foot straps. They are stirrup-like, agreeably great for toddlers to rest their tired legs!

"The footstraps not only give tired little legs a rest, but support the legs in a flexed abducted (froglike) position which naturally tilts the pelvis, fills out the hip sockets and aligns the spine."

The foot straps are removable. But since Razin's legs are already way past the waist band, I just left the foot straps there. The foot straps are great for toddlers like Razin. =)

The 'M' position is a  healthy position for growing babies that are worn by parents.

Next, I ♥ the shoulder strap holders that can keep purses and diaper bags in place! This is important for mommies so we don't have to keep pulling on our handbags strap to stay on our shoulders anymore! haha...

Can you see that snap button thingy on my shoulder strap?
The right hand strap also has the same thing.
So kalau pakai handbag, letakkan tali handbag antara holder tu and snap the button.
Tada! Takde lagi tali handbag jatuh-jatuh dari bahu. hehehe...

Another great feature from Boba 3G carrier is... it can be used from smaller babies as young as 2 months old without any infant insert! (see how) How great is that? Save a lot of money too!

Berbeza dengan Ergo, kena pakai infant insert untuk newborn... so memang kena tambah duit lagi di situ. Sebab tu la feature yang satu ni sangat awesome! =D

It is definitely THE carrier that grows with your baby! haihhh... bile la Razin nak dapat adik ni... huahuahua...

*Gambar curik sebab takde baby kecik =P

Next, Boba 3G has a lot of pockets to stuff small belongings like a wallet, mobile phone, handkerchief or keys. There is the small zippered pocket in the front where you can store the sleeping hood. And more small pockets on the waist strap. Cool. =)

The buckle on the chest strap.
Looks familiar to me...
Of course it was! It's the same buckle on ERGO!!

So, YES, I agree that Boba has high quality military grade buckles! hehehe

But the wordings on the waist buckle is different tho...

This is how it looks when folded. Yeah, I always fold my SSCs since I hate seeing them scattered on the sofas, and around the house.

And know what? Boba is introducing its 'Boba carrier stuff sack' soon!

So it'll be very easy to store your carrier. 
Takde lagi bersepah-sepah dalam rumah. 


Can hardly wait for it to become available in Malaysia.

So, what is the conclusion?

Buy a Boba carrier if you are having a baby soon! It'll be a great help because a carrier will give you 2 free hands! And God knows how much you'll thank it for once you have a child/children!

Buy a Boba 3G if you wish for your husband to wear it too. It's daddy friendly! (As much as I recommend wraps and ring slings for newborns, but not many guys are into them, I tell you!)

Buy a Boba 3G if you are very particular on what kind of baby stuff you splurge your money on. Boba 3G is an investment. You don't have to upgrade to other carrier as your baby grows because Boba 3G can be used from newborn until your child is at least 3,4 years old! (tu pun kalau diorang nak didukung lagi la...or kalau larat lagi nak dukung! hehe... maximum weight untuk didukung adalah 20kg btw)

Don't know where to buy Boba 3G carrier??

Well, from me of course! haha... or should I say from Mama Panda Store?

Email me at

I'll be more than happy to help! =)

Happy babywearing,
Written By Ryehana 


amal said...

arghhh bila baca review ni lagi tertekan wani nak beli boba hahaha.. sabar2.. dah beli carrier tollyjoy and shaheem doesnt really look comfortable in it huhu... maybe cos dia keras kot and shaheem still small.. ntahla... or maybe wani yang tak reti guna ehehe..

triple H...=D said...

ana, between boba n ergo, mana yg lebih best?...hehehe...request entry tuk compare those 2 models leh x?...:D

Ryehanna said...

To Amal: Hahaha.. mehla wani join Kutu Boba kt FB.. Leh beli Boba 3G yang awesome ini... kikiki *part meracun tu pandai je :P*

To triple H: Hi dear, selalunye if orang tanya mane best antara Ergo or Boba, I akan tanya balik sama ada are u going to have more than 1 carrier or not?

Sebab kalau nak ada satu carrier shj and tak nak upgrade-upgrade dah, better ambil Boba. Seriously it is very suitable for that purpose.

Ergobaby carrier pun best juga tapi tak sesuai untuk baby dah besar cos body panel dia pendek. Tapi bagi saya, still ok lagi la walaupun baby dh 13-14 months.

Insya Allah, nanti saya buat entry comparison tentang Boba and Ergo ok! =)

Unknown said...

rse nk g beli arini.. haihhh.. sbr2

Azlynda said...

Great review!

I am looking to an SSC. But having doubts between local SSC or branded/overseas carriers...

Do you have any local SSC like Merak by Neezaneedles or Jumpsac's Orbit?

Would love to read a comparisons of them with Ergo or Boba. =)

Ryehanna said...

To CikPingu: meh beli.. meh beli... hihihi

To Azlynda: Hi Azlynda! I dont have any Merak or Jumpsac's SSC... the only local ssc I've tried on is Stork by Snuggbaby. You can read the review in this blog.

Insya Allah, kalau berkesempatan I'll write a comparison review on Boba and Ergo. :)

pet9 said...


saya tengah cari the best baby carrier. tak pernah ada experience baby wearing kecuali sekali je pakai mothercare 4 position carrier and i don't like it. Ingat nak invest on better carrier. saya dah survey mcm babybjourn and ergo tapi come across your post tentang boba 3g.

I need your advice is the boba 3g the best carrier for my boy yang umur almost 4 months dengan berat criteria mestila tak panas, daddy friendly, buckle yang kemas dan senang pakai and most important bukan crotch carrier.
Kalau boleh nak pakai 1 carrier je dulu sebab harga pun boleh tahan kan..hehehe


Ryehanna said...

Hi Pet9,

Yes, Boba 3G is good enough for a 4 months old. Jenis ssc ni memang daddy friendly, senang pakai.. and boba is not a crotch carrier definitely :)

Anonymous said...


Boba or ergo ni sesuai ke utk ibu2 yg rendah <145cm (sy la tew)..sbb dah try mcm2 carrier yg biasa org pakai, mmg x sesuai sgt...sakit pinggang dibuatnya..reply email xde

Ryehanna said...

i think i've emailed u.

shud be ok cos boba mmg sesuai for petite moms berbanding ergo