Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ergobaby carrier: New Generation


I just got my new Ergobaby carrier last week like I wrote in this ENTRY.

Like I wrote earlier, there were some new changes on the buckles of Ergo carriers. Not just the Petunia series, but also to other Ergo carriers as well. I know cos I took a peek on my customer's Ergo. hihi...  Ferry tak marah kan? =p

Anyway, here's the pictures of my AUTHENTIC Ergobaby carriers:

1st thing first, the box.
There should be stickers on the serial numbers or from which company/distributor you bought it from.
MESTI ADA kalau nak tau ori ke tak.

No box? Then the Ergo you bought could be a counterfeit ones ;)

Next, let's take a look at the buckles!

There sure is some new changes! This was what surprised me at first. I'm used to blogs/websites telling people how to spot fake Ergos and since this is a new thing, I thought I share it here. Plus, even counterfeits Ergos also has imprints! 

But then the previous version has been around for some time so it's not a surprise if you found counterfeit Ergo that is very very similar to the authentic ones.

Waist buckle.

NEW IMPRINT on the female buckle!
Lagi cun oke...

The waist buckle.
The female buckle was turned on the other side.
Just a small etching at the corner. Tak tau simbol ape...

 This is the male buckle. Different than the previous version.
And there's no STEALTH wording in the middle strip.

FYI, the previous version's buckle is like the picture below:

 However, even the counterfeits have this same buckle design!

I guess maybe that's why Ergo made new buckles.. ;)

Same logo on the shoulder buckles.

Next, take a look at the zipper pull.

Since my Petunia doesn't have any zip on it, so here's the picture of my Ergo Original zipper pull:

There should be logo on the zip.
And also take a look at the Ergobaby label there.

However, I've encountered knock offs Ergo that has the same logo and zipper pull.
So it's really hard to distinguish as well.

 Sleeping hood.
Has elastics at the sides.
And there were 5 snap buttons at the hood straps.

 The serial numbers is the dead giveaway.

The serial number from your registraion card must MATCH the one at your box.

It also must MATCH the serial number from the label sewn inside your Ergo.
Label from Ergobaby carrier Original - Mystic Purple.
I bought this last Feb from US.

Label from Ergobaby carriers Petunia Pickle Bottom - Frolicking in Fez

Bought this from my supplier since I decided to sell Ergo in my online store.

 What are these?

These are the labels from the inside of your Ergo carrier's pocket (to stuff the sleeping hood).
There should be serial number (BC ****), when it was manufactured i.e EBC2011103143 means the carrier was manufactured on 30th Oct 2011 and where it was made from (China for Original and Sport, India for Organic and Performance as stated in Ergo website)

Most FAKE Ergos doesn't have a serial number. 

And if some did have serial numbers, the numbers wouldn't match the card and the box that came with the purchase.


 The safety label on genuine Ergo.

Not as important as I have seen FAKE Ergos having the same label positioned at the inside of waist strap.

Boleh plak benda alah tu Made in China, tapi tulis kat label 'Made in India'??

Teruk betul!!

Kesimpulannya, buy your Ergo from the authorized sellers.

Mama Panda Store sells genuine Boba and Ergobaby carriers.

For Ergo, our supplier is the same as Tiny Tapir okeh.

Kalau tak caya meh beli... hihihi... (sistem kutu pun ada tau!)

Iklan sikit, jangan marah haaa.... ;)

Happy babywearing!

 Till then, wassalam.

Written By Ryehana


Ferry E. said...

owh~ curi2 tgk kita punya ergo ek hehehe... i pun bila dpt je ergo aritu terus check buckles, zip, serial number & warning label utk pastikn sama ada ergo tu ori @ tiruan.. seb bek mine is ori.. mesti la ori sbb i order ergo tu drpd mama panda store hehehe... ;-)

Ryehanna said...

hahaha... mmg benda wajib untuk check buckles sume tu kalau beli even if beli dr authorised seller. sbb baru la puas hati hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Hai nak tny,mcmne sy nak kutu kan ergo baby me please


shudzz said...

salam sis
berminat la kutu ergo baby carier nie..boleh emel ke

Sharz said...

Sis boleh tak buat entry pasal fake ergo 360 pulak since banyak isu pasal ade beli satu ergo 360..thanks..

Mama Panda said...

Hi Sharz,

Setakat bulan september 2014 ni takde lagi fake ergo 360 cos model tu baru masuk malaysia pada bulan June lepas.

Lagipn Ergo 360 made in vietnam, not china. so agak lmbt kot nk kena tiru. So insya Allah yg u beli tu ori.

btw, ni entry dh lama... sekarang fake ergo PPB dh tiru almost sebijik macam ni.

Beli la ergo under authorized distributor utk selamat (Mama Panda authorized retailer)


Anonymous said...

Salam Sis, perlu ke kita basuh be4 pkai? then kna daftar x ergo 2 for warannty?

Tq sis :)