Monday, May 21, 2012

Comparison between Boba 3G and Ergobaby carriers


Entry ini dihasilkan because I received a lot of emails asking me which carrier is better?

Boba or ERGObaby?

Frankly, I love both Boba and Ergo. That's why I sell both! haha...

I use both too... One in car, one in the house. Rotate usage...

But my personal favorite is still Ergo, I think. Simply because Ergo is the 1st brand of ssc I own... and I'm used to having waist buckle on the side instead of at the middle of your back (as in Boba).

Please refer the pictures below...

Waist buckle on Ergo (other types of Ergo also the same) is on the right side.

I'm used to this and I found this really easy to use.

Waist buckle on Boba 3G is at the middle of your back.
Takes practice to do this easily and quickly.
Of course, you can always adjust the buckle of you want to position it on your side...
But there will be extra webbing etc... nak kena gulung2 la ape la.

The waist strap in Boba is longer than Ergo.

However, there is no safety strap for Boba's buckle.

As for Ergo, each of its buckles (shoulder straps and waist's) has safety loop. A safety measure in case of broken buckles or you accidentally unbuckles.

Search youtube for instruction manual how to wear Ergo and you'll know what I'm talking about.
*I barely use it tho... heehee*

Next, the body panels.
Boba has higher body panels than Ergo.
Especially if you compared it to a standard type Ergo (Ergo Original/Organic)
 Top: Boba 3G - Lila
Underneath: Ergobaby Original - Purple Mystic

As you can see from the pic above, Ergo has wider waist band

Boba is taller by a a few inches.

However, if you compare Boba 3G with my Ergo Organic in Petunia Pickle Bottoms (PPB) series, there is very minimal difference on the height.

Obviously the PPB series has higher body panel than standard Ergo.

Underneath my 'Frolicking in Fez Ergo' is Boba 3G

Not much difference!

Boba looks taller because of the curvy design. =)

 Unless if you took the picture from this angle, it'll look like Boba is much higher than Ergo PPB.

But to me, nahhh... insignificant difference! (please refer back to the picture before the above pic haha)

Can hands-in too... (if your baby chose to do that)

First time tidur dalam Ergo di posisi dukung belakang (back carry).
Selama ni tido kalau dukung dari depan je (front carry).
Penat sangat la tu sampai ternganga-nganga mulut. Haha

Ok, back to the comparisons...

Apart from Boba's having foot straps and shoulder strap's holder, Boba can be used from newborns (as young as 2 months old or 7lbs)

The unique design can shorten the Boba's body panel so that it can fit smaller baby.

See the snap buttons I circled?

Just snap 'em!


Shorter body panel... shorter than Ergo, of course.
Suitable for newborn hold.

These features is not available in Ergo.
You have to purchase infant insert for small babies.

What else eh...


I guess it's all a matter of preference.

Try both carriers if you can and decide which one you like better. 

I only found out by today that the PPB's Ergo is taller than the standard one. 
Funny rite?
Well, that's because my baby was comfortable sleeping in my PPB's Ergo..
He's already 14months and quite tall... so I wonder why people always says Ergo's body is short and not suitable for older baby?
Here's Razin... sleeping in Ergo.
And it doesn't seem that short to me.

That's when I checked all my carriers and compare.

Yes, Ergo is shorter than Boba's. But the PPB Ergo has very minimal difference.
The shortest one is the standard size Ergo.

Plus, Ergo Performance also has higher body panel than the standard ones.

Other types of Ergo is almost/just the same height as other 'high' body panel's carriers.


Happy babywearing,
Written By Ryehana


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