Thursday, August 12, 2010

Puasa pertama


Dear little one,

Today is my first day to fast with you in my tummy. I was very scared about you. Scared that you will not get the nutrition you need. But people said it's okay... Plus, if I couldn't stand the hunger or the pain, I could always surrender right? :D

Well thank God we made it! Yes... I didn't throw up at all during the day. But... things weren't so good after the iftar. I threw up big time around 8.30 pm... I even scared your Aunt Nini cos she said I was retching so loud, she got up and looked for me in the toilet.

It was bad dear... All my dinner was splattered on the wall and on the bathroom floor. Can't get the toilet seat up in time! Your aunt was green when she saw me. Haha... but she helped me cleaned up the mess and rubbed my back while I continue vomiting.

But it's okay... all this for you little one! This little experience will forever engrave in my memory. The funny taste in my mouth when I'm done puking to my heart's content... it is a taste of happiness. I'm happy and grateful to be able to experience this. Plus, mothers get rewarded by Our Creator whenever she felt any discomfort while carrying their child! I shouldn't complain. :D

I vomitted again at 11 o'clock just now. Now all the food I ate tonight was officially gone. But that's alright too... I made a cup of warm milk for us both. We should be okay till dawn... :)

Though, I am a little worried about the folic acid I downed earlier... It's probably gone with all the vomit.... hmmm....

Dear little one,

I don't know if you can feel my emotions... but I'm sorry if I terrorized you... made you uncomfortable... I never meant anything bad to happen to you. I'm just... having my mood swings... The truth is, I miss your father. Terribly.

But what can we do? He's in Lumut and here we are in KL. I can only meet him when he's not sailing or busy on weekends. I guess that's how it'll be for now. Bear with me, little one. We'll find our way out of this somehow.

Thank God your lovely Aunt Nini is here with us. She takes care of me. Us. She's a great sister. I'll be forever thankful to her... :')

Yesterday we played a little game. Well... just a stupid gender-guessing game... based on old wives' tale... but it's fun! I don't really care what gender you will be, I'll love you with all my heart!

But who am I to lie.... I can't wait to know!

I love you, little one.

Be strong... and grow healthily...

I can't seem to be blogging about things other than me, my pregnancy, my baby and my family these days.

Please go if you can't stand it, gentle readers...

So cute!!!




yonna said...

aaaaaaaaa sweetnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bercakap dengan the little one!

Ryehanna said...

hihi.. sbnrnya tak sabar sgt yonna.. :D

FaizalSulaiman said...

take care Puan Ryehanna.lama dah aku tak merayap-rayap kat blog ko neh.

Mr & Mrs Architect CuTe said...


tahniah! x lame lg bakal jadi ibu dah ea....hehe.
take care k!

ella said...

take care..besar ganjaran pahala tu.


n n said...

i'm happy for you

~azalea~ said...

aa entry 'cute'.. hehe..
terharu ada gak bile baca..

Ryehanna said...

To Faizal Sulaiman: Yes.. lame awk xmenjenguk.. :D

To Mr & Mrs Architect Cute: Yes, i certainly am! thanks.. :D

To Ella: Thanks.. yeah i know. that's what make me strong...

To n n: Thank you!!

To Azalea: Thanks dear.. :]

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

love this soo much! :)